The project is going to create a sustainable education material that meets the needed from the teachers who teaches in cooking at the schools. The education material will give a greater awareness of the sustainable gastronomy potential and give pupils a better understanding on the relation between food and sustainability.

To ensure sustainability of the output also after the end of the project, this will be achieved through high level of involving schools in development of the material as well as ensuring that school administrative framework fits for the educational material type and it will be integrated successfully in the official pensum of the school. During the project teachers will be involved to guide and affect how the output should be. The sustainable education material is going to be an e-book, that will be accessible at the new website. 

The e-book is going to be tested in teaching. The goal is to test if it is relevant in practice and to get comments from 200 students and 20 teachers. The new comments, information and inputs will be corrected and make the e-book eaven better and more useful. 

You can now find the result/ e-book on this page under ‘Cook book’ and the added Co2 calculator underneath it – see ‘Co2 calculator’ for download. A how-to-use guide is also available.

And last but not least we have build a fun Kahoot. Enjoy.
Kahoot Q&A (English)

When you have tested some of the recipes or/and the CO2 calculator and the Kahoot! we will appreciate if your students and you could fill out a survey.

Survey for the students

Survey for the teachers

Cook book

Download Our cook book inspired and devolped by over 100 students from Denmark, Slovenia and Spain. 

CO2 calculator

Download the CO2 calculator to help you calculate varies cooking recipes’ CO2/kg footprint. A easy to use tool to get a better understanding of what sustainable cooking means. Fx the impact of using local ingredients compared to others. 

Download a how-to guide to help you get started with the CO2 calculator.

See dishes examples here:
Coarse pork sausage with brown sauce
Meatballs with potato salad
Roast pork with parsley sauce