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About the projekt

About the project

The background for the project is to increase interest for the cooking and chef/cooking education and profession for pupils in primary and secondary schools. At the same time, the pupils will increase knowledge on sustainable potential at the restaurant industry and cooking at private homes. Also, the project will address gender imbalance in the chef profession. 

The needs for the project are the shortage of qualified chefs/cooks in Europe, the gender imbalance in the profession and the raising focus on more sustainable actions in kitchen industry. Pupils in primary and secondary schools are the primary target group as they will increase interest in chef education and be educated in sustainable kitchen action to be agents of change. 

During the project period pupils from Spain, Slovenia and Denmark will visit each other to participate in courses. The purpose of the courses is to educate pupils in sustainable kitchen actions and thereby to increase interest for the cooking profession. At the courses pupils will visit local restaurants and local food producers. The pupils will learn how to cook and will be trained in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Funded by the European Union Erasmus+ program

Project period:
December 2021-November 2024

Total budget: 313.000 Euro